Changing Spaces (King)

Author Bio
Where—Brooklyn, New York, New York, USA
Education—B.S., State University of New York;
   M.A., Universityof Delaware; Ph.D., Union
   Institute and University
Currently—lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Nancy King, Ph.D is the award-winning author of several novels including Changing Spaces, The Stones Speak (which was optioned for a film), Morning Light, A Woman Walking, and the non-fiction Dancing with Wonder: Self-Discovery through Stories.

She frequently writes for the online travel journal, Your Life Is A Trip. Dr. King has extensive experience teaching in universities in Delaware and New Mexico (Honors Programs [Theatre, Creativity and World Literature], and currently conducts arts-based workshops internationally. She finds inspiration in weaving and hiking in the mountains of Santa Fe, New Mexico where she makes her home. (From the publisher.)

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