Middlesteins (Attenberg) - Author Bio

Author Bio
Raised—Buffalo Grove, Illinois, USA
Education—B.A., John Hopkins University
Currently—lives in Brooklyn, New York City, New York

Author Bio
Jami Attenberg is an American writer of fiction and essays. She grew up in Buffalo Grove, Illinois and is a graduate of Johns Hopkins University with a degree in Writing.

Her early works were published in numerous zines and in a 2003 chapbook called Deli Life. Her first book, Instant Love, a collection of interconnected short stories, was published in 2006, followed by a novel, The Kept Man, published in 2008. Her third book, The Melting Season, was released in 2010. The Middlesteins was published in 2012, and Saint Mazie in 2015. Her sixth book, All Grown Up, came out in 2017.

Her work has appeared in a number of anthologies and magazines, including Nerve and The New York Times. She lives in Brooklyn, New York. (Adapted from Wikipedia. First retrieved 10/28/2012.)

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