Sandcastle Girls (Bohjalian)

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(Starred review.) Bohjalian's powerful novel...depicts the Armenian genocide and one contemporary novelist's quest to uncover her heritage.... His storytelling makes this a beautiful, frightening, and unforgettable read.
Publishers Weekly

Repeatedly (and embarrassingly accurately) referred to here as "The Slaughter You Know Next to Nothing About," the Armenian genocide of 1915-16 takes center stage in Bohjalian's intergenerational novel. Elizabeth Endicott, a recent Mount Holyoke graduate, accompanies her Bostonian banker father on his philanthropic mission to Aleppo, Syria, to aid Armenian refugees fleeing atrocities committed by the Ottoman government. Her friendship with Armenian engineer Armen, who has lost his wife and baby daughter, flourishes when they are apart and can only communicate in letters. Years later, Laura Petrosian, seeking out a photograph of a woman rumored to be her Armenian grandmother, uncovers these letters among a wealth of documents—a treasure trove for an Armenian American novelist searching for pieces of her family history. Verdict: Bohjalian powerfully narrates an intricately nuanced romance with a complicated historical event at the forefront. With the centennial of the Armenian genocide fast approaching, this is not to be missed. Simply astounding. —Julie Kane, Sweet Briar Coll. Lib., VA
Library Journal

(Starred review.) A powerful and moving story based on real events seldom discussed. It will leave you reeling. —Elizabeth Dickie

(Starred review.) An unforgettable exposition of the still too-little-known facts of the Armenian genocide and its multigenerational consequences.
Kirkus Reviews

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