Night Circus (Morgenstern)

Author Bio
Where—Marshfield, Massachusetts, USA
Education—B.A., Smith College
Currently—lives Massachusetts

Erin Morgenstern is a writer and artist. Most of her writings and paintings are fairy tales, in one way or another. She lives in Massachusetts. (From the publisher.)

In her words
I’m a Cancerian with a Leo Moon and Taurus rising and, yes, I know what all of that means.

I studied theatre & studio art at Smith College.

I grew up in Marshfield, Massachusetts. Steve Carrell now owns the store where I bought penny candy and blue raspberry Slush Puppies as a child. This both amuses and disturbs me.

I was reading Stephen King at age 12 and J.K. Rowling at age 21. This likely speaks volumes about my literary development.

I currently live in Salem, Massachusetts & will be relocating to Boston in the foreseeable future. Kittens are looking forward to the impending influx of cardboard boxes. (From the author's website.)

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