On Chesil Beach (McEwan)

On Chesil Beach
Ian McEwan, 2007
Random Hosue
224 pp.
ISBN-13: 9780307386175

Ian McEwan's emotionally charged novel follows an inexperienced young couple through their disastrous wedding night at a Dorset hotel in 1962. Very much in love, Edward and Florence are predictably nervous, but for different reasons.

He longs to consummate the marriage; she is repelled by the very idea. Locked in their inhibitions and utterly unable to discuss their fears and needs, they are victims not only of personal experience but of a distinctively British brand of repression destined to crumble in the sexual revolution.

One of McEwan's greatest skills is his ability to limn the precise, irrevocable moment in which life changes forever.

And although that moment is telegraphed within the first few pages of this rueful tale, it loses none of its tragic, devastating force when it occurs. Brief and elegiac, On Chesil Beach spotlights the talents of a literary grand master at the top of his game. (From Barnes & Noble .)

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