Knit the Season (Jacobs)

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Also consider these LitLovers talking points to help get a discussion started for Knit the Season:

1. What picture of Georgia Walker emerges from the reveries and flashbacks of the characters in this latest installment of the Friday Night Knitting Club series? What does Dakota come to learn about her mother? If you've read The FNKC and Knit Two, what more do you learn about Georgia? What new information is filled in for you?

2. In what ways has Georgia influenced her friends' lives and and how does her spirit continue to knit them together?

3. Relationships (family, friends, and lovers) are at the heart of this novel, as they are in FNKC and Knit Two. If you've read the first two, how have those relationships developed? What new (or old) stresses affect the characters? Catherine, for instance, and Anita and her son? If this is the first book you've read in the series...then talk about the relationships and their stress points as they exist now.

4. Darwin and Lucie, two of the series' more interesting characters, are somewhat relegated to the sidelines in this third book. Would you like to have seen more of them? What is fraying the edges of their friendship?

5. Talk about Dakota's career goals and the competing demands she feels? How does Peri's decision to make a move complicate things for Dakota?

6. Knit the Season, in many ways, is a coming-of-age story for Dakota. What anxieties must she overcome? What does she come to understand by the book's conclusion? What does she learn about herself and the choices she faces regarding career and family?

7. What do you believe is the central message found in Knit the Season?

8. How does this third book stack up against the others in the series? How important is it to have read the first two? If this is your first foray into Jacobs' Friday Night Knitting Club series, does this book make you want to read the previous two?

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