Gone With the Wind (Mitchell)

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This is beyond a doubt one of the most remarkable first novels produced by an American writer. It is also one of the best. — Books of the Century
New York Times (1936)

The best novel to have ever come out of the South...it is unsurpassed in the whole of American writing.
Washington Post

Fascinating and unforgettable! A remarkable book, a spectacular book, a book that will not be forgotten.
Chicago Tribune

Gone With the Wind is one of those rare books that we never forget. We read it when we're young and fall in love with the characters, then we watch the film and read the book again and watch the film again and never get tired of revisiting an era that is the most important in our history. Rhett and Scarlet and Melanie and Ashley and Big Sam and Mammy and Archie the convict are characters who always remain with us, in the same way that Twain's characters do. No one ever forgets the scene when Scarlet wanders among the wounded in the Atlanta train yard; no one ever forgets the moment Melanie and Scarlet drag the body of the dead Federal soldier down the staircase, a step at a time. Gone With the Wind is an epic story. Anyone who has not read it has missed one of the greatest literary experiences a reader can have.
James Lee Burke

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