Crossing to Safety (Stegner)

Discussion Questions 
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Also consider these LitLovers talking points to help get a discussion started for Crossing to Safety:

1. Given the difference between their upbringings (social class), what is the basis of friendship between these two couples? What does each couple gain from the friendship? Is it an equal or unequal relationship?

2. Talk about the nature of the two marriages, how they differ. The Langs' marriage seems to be the one most under the microscope here, the most complicated of the two marriages.

3. Then there's Charity—clearly the most complex character of the four. Do you like her, despise her? What drives her?

4. What are Charity's expectations of Sid? Does she desire academic status? Does she want him to realize his full potential or live up to his best self? What does she want from him?

5. Why does Sid stay with Charity? What do you think will happen to him after she dies? Will he choose to go on without her?

6. Stegner is very much a nature writer, using the natural beauty of Vermont as a sort of back drop to his human drama. In what way might he be making a comparison between the immutable natural world and mutable human world?

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