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(Cover review) Sympathetic and prodigiously ambitious…scrupulous.… Her landscapes regularly rise to a Keatsian sensuousness.  Her Marseille breathes as a city breathes.… [A] thriller.
New York Times Book Review

Orringer is a blue-chip writer with a string of prizes and fellowships and a previous bestseller, The Invisible Bridge. That, too, was a long novel set during World War II, and both books are of the kind invariably reviewed using the same small cachet of words: rich, sweeping, ambitious, heartfelt, exquisite. To her credit, Orringer earns them all. She’s a superb researcher, a natural storyteller and a clear writer. The Flight Portfolio is in a style I think of as high-unimpeachable, difficult but riskless, with only safe little darting flights of flamboyance.
Charles Finch - Newsday

Gorgeous…lush…meticulously researched…classic storytelling through a transgressive lens.… The Flight Portfolio offers a testament to the enduring power of art, and love, in any form.
Entertainment Weekly

(Starred review) Magnificent.… As in 2010's superb The Invisible Bridge, Orringer seamlessly combines compelling inventions with complex fact.… Brilliantly conceived, impeccably crafted, and showcasing Orringer’s extraordinary gifts, this is destined to become a classic.
Publishers Weekly

Orringer is a meticulous researcher, and the novel’s cloak-and-dagger thrills keep the pace lively in this lengthy but intriguing tale of resilience and resistance.

Gripping….Orringer is a beautiful prose stylist who captures depth of meaning about complex human issues, and she addresses head-on the moral dilemma of making value judgments on individual lives…. Vivid.

(Starred review) [E]legant, meditative…. The central point of intrigue, providing a fine plot twist, is also expertly handled, evidence of an accomplished storyteller at work. Altogether satisfying.… [Y]ou’ll have a feel for the territory in which this well-plotted book falls.
Kirkus Reviews

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