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[E]ngrossing postapocalyptic psychological thriller…. Jameson asks powerful questions about fear, community, and self-interest…. She succeeds in evoking a palpable, immanent sense of tension in a story that’s equal parts drama and locked-room murder mystery.
Publishers Weekly

Jameson's postapocalyptic tale presents some interesting moral/ethical quandaries, though a lack of specificity and detail occasionally undercut its authenticity. More likely to appeal to readers of the author's previous works of suspense. —Karin Thogersen, Huntley Area P.L., IL
Library Journal

This genre-bending novel neatly embraces dystopian fiction and murder mystery, with the Omega Man starkness of the former and the requisite twists and turns of the latter (Top Pick).

Jameson delivers an eerie and unsettling tale…. It makes for propulsive reading, but readers… will find themselves scratching their heads when all is finally revealed in a rather rushed finale. A thoughtful, page turning post-apocalyptic tale marred by a disjointed conclusion.
Kirkus Reviews

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