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Inspired by true events, just like its predecessor, and just as well-researched, Lost Roses is a remarkable story and another testament to female strength. This sweeping epic will thrill and delight fans of Lilac Girls and readers of historical fiction alike.

[L]ively, well-researched…. Some story lines strain credibility (coincidences and melodramatic cliffhangers abound)…. Nevertheless, Kelly memorably portrays three indomitable women who triumph over hardships and successfully brings a complex and turbulent time in history to life.
Publishers Weekly

Sofya has by far the most compelling story line, and some readers may get restless when reading about Eliza's relatively low-stakes activities.… Overall, this novel builds to an emotionally satisfying conclusion, and readers who loved Lilac Girls will likely be keen to learn more about the Ferridays. —Mara Bandy Fass, Champaign P.L., IL
Library Journal

(Starred review) Epic.… [Martha Hall] Kelly’s gift is bringing to life and to light the untold stories of women and families far away from the war front yet deeply affected by the decisions of leaders and the efforts of fighters. Fans of historical fiction… will want to clear their calendars when Lost Roses comes out.

Though the writing is rich and vivid with detail about the period, the storytelling is quite a bit slower than in Kelly’s captivating debut, and both the plot and relationship development feel secondary to the historical scene-setting. A nuanced tale that speaks to the strength of women.
Kirkus Reviews

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