More Than Words (Santopolo) - Discussion Questions

Discussion Questions
1. Nina and Tim have been best friends from childhood. Do you have a friend you’ve known your entire life? Has your relationship with him or her changed over time? How do you think this background affects a romantic relationship?

2. Is Nina’s father, Joseph Gregory, a good father? Why or why not? How does he shape Nina?

3. How is marriage portrayed in the novel? What did you think of Nina’s perception of her parents’ marriage? How does her perception change after her father’s death?

4. Why does Nina agree to marry Tim? How does she feel about her decision? Why do you think she agrees despite her doubts?

5. After Joseph’s death, Nina feels like "she’d walked into a movie about herself, where… the main character was left rudderless" (p. 198). Have you ever lost someone you loved? Did you relate to Nina’s experience? Why or why not?

6. Were you surprised by Joseph’s secret? Why or why not? How does this revelation affect Nina?

7. On p. 51, Rafael tells Nina he thinks of people like poems, that someone can be "haiku, or a villanelle, or a cinquain sonnet." What does he mean? What type of poem do you think you’d be?

8. Why do you think Nina and Tim grow apart? Do you think this is a common feeling? Have you ever been surprised by a new direction in your own life?

9. Are you Team Tim or Team Rafael? Why?

10. Why do you think Nina decides to change her entire wardrobe when she goes shopping with Pris (p. 244)? What does Nina’s new look mean to her? Why do you think it took her so long to find a style she loves? What do you think your personal style says about you? Have you ever made a surprising fashion decision?

11. Nina must choose between the life she’s always envisioned and a life that excites her. Why does she make the choice she does? Do you think it’s the right choice? Would you have made a different one?
(Questions issued by the publisher.)

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