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Perks lays down a major twist halfway through, but the book is also a clever, thoughtful study of the fraught power dynamics between women—as well as the people they love (and, sometimes, fear).
Entertainment Weekly

In the vein of Big Little Lies, Heidi Perks's latest thriller gives domesticity a biting edge when a mother's only daughter goes missing, vanishing under the watchful eye of her best friend Charlotte.

[T]his psychological thriller is one you can't afford to miss.

The narrative is full of twists and turns… the ending is shocking and totally unexpected.
New York Journal of Books

[G]ripping if flawed….  Most of the plot and the denouement are realistic, but a twist inconsistent with one character’s persona jars. Still, fans of domestic thrillers will look forward to Perks’s second outing.
Publishers Weekly

[This] domestic suspense debut is sure to be a hit…. Once the pace takes off, the twists come fast. Perks is an author to watch, and this examination of true female friendship will appeal to many.

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