The Adults (Hulse) - Author Bio

Author Bio
Birth—ca. 1976-77
Currently—lives in Manchester, England

Caroline Hulse spends most of her days writing, having fulfilled her dream of having a job she could do in pajamas. She also works in human resources sometimes. She is openly competitive and loves playing board and card games. She can often be found in casino poker rooms.

In fact, Hulse is a professional poker player, translating her powers of observation at the card table to her fictional characters. As she told NPR's Robin Young (Here and Now), when playing poker…

[Y]ou just spend a lot of time observing people in competitive environments where they are feeling quite emotional and not necessarily at their best…. It's also a feeling like other people might be taking advantage of you, which often doesn't bring the best out of people. So I think poker has definitely been a really big influence on my writing, even though I don't actually write about poker.

Hulse lives with her husband in Manchester, England. (Author bio adapted from the publisher and WBUR.)

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