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A friend gave me this book to take along on a long flight home from our annual girlfriend reunion, and at first glance, I wasn’t sure it would be a novel I would enjoy.… Anyway, I full-out fell for this novel. It brought up so many issues women have with their bodies. Also brimming with themes related to family, romance, work, and friendship, it quickly became a compulsive read.… The Readers Guide is readymade for book clubs and weight loss groups. I can imagine some really lively and empathetic discussions taking place around this (ultimately) heartwarming book. (READ MORE…)
Keddy Outlaw - LitLovers

Good Luck With That is a powerful testament to the hard work of self-love… a paean to how it’s never too early (or too late) to be a little kinder to yourself, an inspiring meditation on how to embrace the supportive individuals in your life and stand up to the toxic ones, and a love story.… [Good Luck With That is] the story of learning to love oneself, and living a life that leads with that love, in all its joy, sorrow, failure, and triumph.
Entertainment Weekly

(Starred review) Higgins writes with uncommon grace and empathy about a fraught topic for many people: weight.… This novel is a winner.
Publishers Weekly

(Starred review) Higgins writes with her trademark heart, humor, and emotion, addressing the serious and somber subject of body image.… Highly recommended.
Library Journal

[A] heartbreakingly gorgeous story of female friendship and what it takes to feel comfortable in one’s own skin.

Higgins’ astute, perceptive eye to the best and worst of human nature enhances the poignancy of a sensitive topic, which she navigates with humor and grace.
Kirkus Reviews

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