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With time loops, body swaps and a psychopathic footman, this is a dazzling take on the murder mystery. Stuart Turton, a debut novelist, has drawn on half a dozen familiar tropes from popular culture and reworked them into something altogether fresh and memorable.… And what a pleasure it is to give oneself up to the book, to be met with discoveries and thrilling upsets at every turn in the labyrinth. Not only is nothing what it seems, it’s not even what it seems after it’s been revealed to be not what it seems.
Carrie O'Grady - Guardian (UK)

Turton’s complex debut blends mystery with Groundhog Day and Quantum Leap.… This is a complicated, twisting plot that may delight some looking for a puzzle but may leave others exasperated at the overly abstruse rules and kitchen-sink concept.
Publishers Weekly

[I]ngenious and original …[and] completely immersive…. Readers may be scratching their heads in delicious befuddlement as they work their way through this novel, but one thing will be absolutely clear: Stuart Turton is an author to remember.

[D]izzying literary puzzle….  [A] fiendishly clever and amusing novel with explosive surprises, though in the absence of genuine feeling, it tends to keep its audience at arm's length.… [R]eaders may be hard-pressed to keep up with all its keenly calibrated twists and turns.
Kirkus Reviews

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