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Patti Callahan took a character on the periphery, one who has historically taken a back seat to her male counterpart, and given her a fierce, passionate voice. For those fans of Lewis curious about the woman who inspired A Grief Observed this book offers a convincing, fascinating glimpse into the private lives of two very remarkable individuals.
New York Journal of Books

Callahan vividly enters the life of a woman searching for both God and romantic love in this pleasing historical novel…. Making full use of historical documentation, Callahan has created an incredible portrait of a complex woman.
Publishers Weekly

[W]ill not disappoint.… Callahan's writing is riveting and her characters spring to life to create a magical and literary experience that won't be soon forgotten. —Christine Sharbrough, Industry, TX
Library Journal

Readers…of C.S. Lewis will relish learning about the woman who inspired some of his most famous books. Others will find the slow burn of the romance between the two mesmerizing [and] …will appreciate reading about this vibrant and intelligent woman.

[H]ypnotic.… Spanning more than a decade, this slow-burning love story will be especially satisfying to writers and C.S. Lewis fans, as there are many references to his literary canon and his famous stories of Narnia. Callahan's prose is heartfelt and full of grace.

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