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(Starred review) [A] rich historical novel…. Bird’s fast-paced, action-packed story is a bittersweet one—grand love and legacy ultimately eluded Williams—but this fearless, often heartbreaking account sheds a welcome light on an extraordinary American warrior.
Publishers Weekly

[T]his novel wraps a fictional narrative around the real-life Cathy Williams, the only woman, disguised as a man, to serve with the Buffalo Soldiers following the Civil War.… [A] not-to-be-missed read for fans of historical military fiction and strong female protagonists. —Wendy W. Paige, Shelby Cty. P.L., Morristown, IN
Library Journal

Bird’s meaty epic provides abundant, intimate details about Cathy’s life as a Buffalo Soldier…. "If you don’t push, you never move ahead," she notes, determining never to be unfree again. An admiring novel about a groundbreaking, mentally tough woman.

Bird conveys with epic sweep how Williams’s origins as the granddaughter of an African queen buttressed her strength and verve, whether on the frontlines fighting for westward expansion or, more personally, in the joys and heartbreak of life as an iconoclastic, irrepressible American hero.
National Book Review

[T]he travails of this woman-pretending-to-be-a-man echo across the centuries. Rapturously imagined and shamelessly entertaining.
Kirkus Reviews

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