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 [R]ich but meandering…. The large cast can be daunting, and those not already familiar with the All Souls trilogy may be lost, but returning readers will find this a delightful excursion.
Publishers Weekly

Harkness starts off in Revolutionary America, where young surgeon Marcus MacNeil leaps at Matthew de Clermont's offer to make him a vampire. Marcus's liberty-and-brotherhood ideals sit uneasily with de Clermont's traditionalism, a conflict that resonates all the way to contemporary times.
Library Journal

Effortlessly sweeping across time and continents… Harkness replaces the captivating Matthew and Diana dynamic with a passionate new love story.

The book rambles from storyline to storyline …[with] epiphanies that don’t feel entirely supported by what came before.… [The] usual loving attention both to historical detail and romantic/familial angst, but perhaps the author will apply her talents to fresh fictional territory in the future.
Kirkus Reviews

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