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Giffin’s novel has style and substance.… Truly excellent.
Washington Post

Giffin is a worldwide best-selling author because she gets under your skin—by creating relatable characters wrestling within believable situations.… Giffin crafts an unpredictable page-turner that unfolds in the voices of three superbly distinct characters.… Her latest …is destined for greatness.
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

If you’re looking for a book club selection, All We Ever Wanted is bound to spark meaningful and meaty discussions.
Augusta Chronicle

Page-turning.… Timely and thought-provoking, it’s Giffin’s best yet.

Nina Browning has it all: the handsome husband, the Ivy-League-bound teenage son, and the big house in the Nashville suburbs. But with one unthinkable social media post from her beloved child, could it all fall apart? Dealing with issues of class, money, and race, All We Ever Wanted is the book everyone will be talking about.
This thought-provoking novel follows two Nashville families as they struggle with the fallout from a horrible incident. Their wealthy community quickly becomes divided, with people eager to assign blame and take sides as the families struggle with loyalty and staying true to their values. It's one of Giffin's most topical, gripping books yet.
Good Housekeeping

A page-turning  exploration of wealth and privilege.
Entertainment Weekly

(Starred review) [S]tellar…. Giffin’s plot touches on social class and misogyny while delivering an excellent page-turning story. This satisfying novel will appeal to readers looking for a nuanced, thoughtful take on family and social dynamics.
Publishers Weekly

[T]he story delves further into sexual assault as well as issues of class and how much privilege accrues to the extremely wealthy. Verdict: A compelling family story that brings up plenty of issues ripe for book group discussions. —Jan Marry, Lanexa, VA
Library Journal

Giffin draws the reader in like few storytellers can…. She effortlessly captures the voices of a struggling single father, a strong yet vulnerable teenage girl and a mother desperate to know the truth about her own child. All We Ever Wanted is a deeply moving cautionary tale about the perils of privilege.

The day after Nina Browning's son, Finch, is accepted to Princeton, he makes a terrible decision, and Nina's perfect life comes crashing down.… A compelling portrait of a woman facing the difficult limits of love.
Kirkus Reviews

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