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[W]insome but overstuffed novel…. Cohen tries to do too much in an otherwise straightforward narrative. Appalachian decline, the role of books in society, health care dysfunction, and dendrology are all packed into the novel…. The result is a story that never truly gets beneath the surface.
Publishers Weekly

[Starred review] Part fairy tale and… heartbreakingly realistic, Cohen's third novel will entrance readers from page one, and by the end, even skeptics will agree that magic can still be found in the most unlikely places and in the most surprising people if only we're willing to look.
Library Journal

[Starred review] When a young girl asks you to believe in fairy tales, sometimes you just have to obey. In Cohen's capable hands, the unlikely teamwork between an optimistic child and a wary adult makes for a tender tale of first loves and second chances.

[T]his redemptive tale will speak to the hearts of those who've lost a loved one… and the many ways to heal; about redemption; about forgiveness; about letting go; but most of all, about the power of the human spirit to soar above tragedy and reunite with joy.
Kirkus Reviews

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