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[A]n elegant debut novel
Newark Star Ledger

The magnificence and splendor of modern Shanghai come to life in Lucy Tan's debut novel.
Palm Beach Post

[A] solid debut…. Sunny and Wei’s stories are arresting, but Qiang and Lina come off as entitled in spite of the author’s efforts to make them sympathetic. Despite this, the novel presents an intriguing portrait of class, duty, and family.
Publishers Weekly

Tan's talent as a storyteller clearly shines through her strong plot lines and characterization; readers will want to know more about each well-crafted player.… [A] surprising and down-to-earth tale and entertaining read. —Shirley Quan, Orange Cty. P.L., Santa Ana, CA
Library Journal

Like the Emerald City in Oz… Shanghai provides the backdrop for an examination of the clash between old and new lifestyles and values…. Tan examines the tension behind the facade of the moneyed …where everyone seems to be an expat in their own country.
Kirkus Reviews

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