Ghosted (Walsh) - Discussion Questions

Discussion Questions
1. Assuming you have been in Sarah’s situation and have been ghosted—and, let’s face it, who hasn’t?—how did it make you feel? How did you react?

2. If you were Sarah’s friend, what advice would you have given her? Is there any point in giving advice to someone who believes she is in love?

3. The practice of disappearing to avoid telling someone you’re not interested is not new, but it has become more prevalent in the digital age. How has modern technology made ghosting worse?

4. In Eddie’s shoes, could you have forgiven Sarah? Could you have just "let it go" because you were deeply in love?

5. Did you feel that Eddie and Sarah were meant to be after their seven days together? Or was it the lost potential of the relationship that left Sarah so devastated? Is love at first sight—or close to first sight—possible?

6. Both Sarah and Eddie had to deal with the loss of someone dear to them; while Eddie stayed put, Sarah left as soon as she could. How did their expressions of grief differ?

7. Why do you think Jo and Tommy kept their relationship secret? Would you have done the same in their position?

8. Could you understand Eddie’s choice at the end of the book, or did you feel that he should have put his mother’s needs first?

9. Sarah is determined not to let her personal life affect her business. Can working with your ex ever lead to success? Would you be able to do it? Did you find Reuben’s professional conduct to be unacceptable, or did you feel that he was just deeply in love and no more able to control his behavior around Kaia than Sarah was with Eddie?

10. The ability—or inability—to forgive defines many of the characters in the book: from Eddie’s mother’s resistance to moving on, to Sarah’s inability to forgive herself, to Eddie’s crucial final decision on which the entire story hangs. Is it important to be able to forgive? Or are there some things that can never be excused?
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