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Author Bio
Where—Stroud, Glouscestershire, England, UK
Currently—lives in Bristol, England

Rosie Walsh is a British documentary film maker and the author of several novels, four of which she wrote under the pen name Lucy Robinson. The fifth, Ghosted (UK: The Man Who Didn't Call), was published in 2018 under her real name.

Walsh grew up in the British countryside, in a small cottage in Gloucestershire, with her family and a band of what she refers to as "delinquent" animals. Long before she became a writer, Walsh attempted to become an actor. But when it was suggested in college (kindly we hope) that she wasn't particularly good, she ended up behind the scenes: writing and producing, first in TV broadcasting in London, later filming documentaries around the globe.

In 2009 Walsh turned to writing, but not to fiction—rather for her blog on the Marie Claire website. Her writing, however, caught the eye of a book editor who encouraged her try her hand at a novel. And so off to Buenos Aires, Walsh went ("like you do" she quips) to attempt her first book. A year later she had a published novel under her belt: The Greatest Love Story of All Times. Three more novels followed—A Passionate Love Affair With a Total Stranger (2012), The Unfinished Symphony of You and Me (2014), and The Day We Disappeared (2015)—all four works were under the pseudonym, Lucy Robinson.

In 2018, she published a fifth novel, this one as Rosie Walsh: Ghosted (The Man Who Didn't Call, UK).

Oh, and while working on that first novel in Argentina, the one with the British title, The Man Who Didn't Call? Well, she met the love of her life, and he did call. The two are now living in Bristol, England, with their son. (Adapted from the author's Lucy Robinson website and the publisher.)

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