Baby Teeth (Stage) - Discussion Questions

Discussion Questions
1. Was Hanna a misunderstood child, mentally ill, or evil? Did you have any compassion or empathy for her? Would she be any different if Suzette were out of the picture?

2. Do you think Suzette bears any responsibility for Hanna’s naughty behavior? Has she been an instigator of any kind?

3. Do you think Alex bears any responsibility for Hanna’s duplicitous behavior, as he has been the beneficiary of her "good" side, her love?

4. Did Suzette’s upbringing—and the baggage she brought to motherhood—make her a better or worse mother?

5. Why do you think Hanna chooses not to speak? Is it intentional? Is she afraid of something? What do you make of her unusual means to make herself understood?

6. Who is the most selfish character—Suzette, Alex, or Hanna—and why?

7. Who is the most sympathetic character—Suzette, Alex, or Hanna—and why?

8. What was the largest contributing factor to the Jensens’ delay in realizing their child needed serious help: Alex’s denial and need for perfection? Suzette’s fear of losing Alex? Hanna’s ability to manipulate both of them? Or something else?

9. What do you think happens next with Hanna? Do you think she can be successfully treated?
(Questions issued by the publisher.)

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