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Charming and funny.
New York Post

Pearce’s clever debut follows a plucky Londoner during the Blitz who dreams about becoming a war correspondent. … The novel has a wonderfully droll tone.… Headlined by its winning lead character, who always keeps carrying on, Pearce’s novel is a delight.
Publishers Weekly

Fans of Jojo Moyes will enjoy Pearce’s debut, with its plucky female characters and fresh portrait of women’s lives in wartime Britain.
Library Journal

Set against a backdrop of war-torn London, this is a charming and heartfelt novel. Pearce brings to life a tale of true friendship, and how love will outlast even the most challenging times.

Pearce's novel lays a light, charming surface over a graver underbelly.… Although the jauntiness and feel-good tone can grate on occasion, especially during the farcical wrap-up, this is a readable, well-intentioned, very English tribute to the women of the homefront.
Kirkus Reviews

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