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Anne Tyler is the most dependably rewarding novelist now at work in our country.
Wall Street Journal

Delightfully zany.… Charming.… Tender.
Washington Post

A psychologically astute study of an intelligent, curious woman.… A triumph.
Boston Globe

What’s so amazing about Tyler’s novels is the way she makes ordinary people and ordinary things so fascinating.… In Tyler’s hands, life’s mundane activities feel vital.… Revelatory.… Unwrapping the story is a delight.
Chicago Tribune

Anne Tyler is one of this country’s great artists.… She has lost none of the inspired grace of her prose, nor her sad, frank humor, nor her limitless sympathy for women who ask for little and get less.… Beautiful, understated, humane.
USA Today

Tyler writes with enormous warmth about all her characters.
Baltimore Sun

Tyler’s stirring story celebrates the joys of self-discovery and the essential truth that family is ours to define.

Clock Dance pulls you right in and keeps on ticking.… Tyler’s novels reassure us that the possibilities for meaningful connection—which so often seem lost in our hectic world—are still out there.

Full of wisdom about relationships, delivered in gorgeous language and with considerable charm.
San Francisco Chronicle

Clock Dance is Anne Tyler at her best.… An entertaining, heartwarming story about second chances and the real meaning of family.… Full of the sorts of eccentric yet totally believable characters that Anne Tyler is a genius at creating.… Captivating.… A delight.
Greensboro News & Record (NC)

Anne Tyler is one of America’s very best living novelists and one of the world’s most loved.… Her stories about family life—beautifully written, forensically insightful, sometimes laugh out loud funny—are cherished by all ages.… She sheds light on the secret bits of yourself, the parts no one knows about, and her skill is writing compassionately about our so-called ordinary lives with an apparent effortlessness that conceals great art.
Times Magazine (UK)

She is one of our greatest living fiction writers and if I were in charge, she’d have a Nobel by now.
Observer (UK)

If you want to understand the everyday life of Americans, read Anne Tyler.… There is no one better at taking the ordinary person—the one we don’t even notice in the supermarket queue—and showing us what lies beneath.… Clock Dance is a marvelous frog-leap of a book.… Sequel please!
Times (UK).

(Starred review) Stellar.… A bittersweet, hope-filled look at two quirky families that have broken apart and are trying to find their way back to one another.
Publishers Weekly

(Starred review) Tyler does not disappoint. Her characters are distinctly drawn and their stories layered.… The result is a compelling look at the need for relevance, being offered a second chance, and deciding whether to take it. Highly recommended.
Library Journal

(Starred review) Brilliant, charming, and book-club-ready.… Tyler’s bedazzling yet fathoms-deep feel-good novel is wrought with nimble humor, intricate understanding of emotions and family, place and community—and bounteous pleasure in quirkiness, discovery, and renewal.

Tyler’s characteristic warmth and affection for her characters are engaging as eve.… [They are] all vibrantly portrayed with her usual low-key gusto and bracingly dark humor.… Power dynamics are never simple in Tyler’s portraits of marriage.
Kirkus Reviews

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