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Diabolical.… A wicked original with echoes of the greats (Patricia Highsmith, Gillian Flynn).
Janet Maslin - New York Times

[A] formidable burlesque…sharp as a shard of broken mirror.… Social Creature is at its strongest… when it's focusing on Louise's calculations as she's backdating Facebook posts to cover her tracks and stealing the affections of Lavinia's ex-boyfriend. Its superb dialogue and cutting sense of humor help it glide irresistibly past its peculiar conflicted unrealities.
Charles Finch - New York Times Book Review

(Starred review) [A] mousy girl–wild girl dynamic on display in Burton’s fiendishly clever debut.… This devious, satisfying novel perfectly captures a very narrow slice of the Manhattan demimonde.
Publishers Weekly

New York City, where aspiring writers come to make it big… and obsession looms, is the setting for this debut psychological thriller.… When the shocking plot twist arrives, readers will be glued to this contemporary take on Patricia Highsmith's The Talented Mr. Ripley. —David Miller, Farmville P.L., NC
Library Journal

This fast-paced, stylish…debut…will definitvely ensnare readers. Diabolically playing on what we think we know about others and what we reveal about ourselves in the social-media age, it will give readers the creeps, too.

(Starred review) Dark, stylish.… [E]very individual is both victim and villain… creating conflict that propels the book toward its shocking yet inevitale conclusion.… [A] thrilling and provocative crime novel, a devastating exploration of female insecurity, and …society's obsession with social media.
Kirkus Reviews

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