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Like most characters in thrillers, many of the May Mothers have secrets, some of which dilute the urgency of the investigation’s timeline. And Molloy repeatedly generates suspense by depriving the reader of information (as opposed to, say, having actually suspenseful stuff happen). But I was hooked anyway and stayed up late to finish. What do you call a book like that? Oh yeah: a page-turner. And it’s a rare and wonderful thing.
Katherine Heiny - New York Times Book Review

An electrifying thriller—and a subtle, savvy skewering of the endless expectations of modern motherhood (Book of the Week).

A desperate, thrilling mystery that you’ll think you have all figured out—until you realize you don’t.
Marie Claire

[It's Molloy's] characters’ anxieties that give the story life and substance. Molloy doesn’t fully earn her book’s big twist, but her clever narrative… heightens tension… while spotlighting the solitary struggles of motherhood.
Publishers Weekly

Impressive and satisfying.… This gripping and fresh novel will provoke as much thought as it does excitement.

As the investigation gets underway, it seems that every member of the group has some pretty big secrets to hide.… Readers who can’t get enough of suburban suspense …will want to give this a try. —Rebecca Vnuk

(Starred review) Molloy, a master of clever misdirection, deftly explores the expectations, insecurities, and endless judgement that accompany motherhood in this fast-paced thriller…. Mesmerizing.
Kirkus Reviews

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