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[A] blushingly tender and piquant debut novel.… [Choi] inserts timely issues like sexual assault, cultural appropriation and even DACA into her characters' intimate conversations, but it is her examination of digital vs. F2F communication that feels the most immediate.
New York Times Book Review

Penny somehow broke down all my walls. Her tech became incidental and her voice endearing, and just like that, I was hooked. Even the texts feel very natural and elegantly woven into the narration.There is much more to both Sam and Penny than quirky character traits and witty repartee.… While the story does traffic in the heart flutter of romance that is tantalizingly out of reach, its emotional core goes deep.

(Starred review) Choi sensitively shows the evolution of two lonely, complicated people…. Her sharp wit and skillful character development…ensure that readers will feel that they know Penny and Sam inside and out before the gratifying conclusion (Ages 14–up).
Publishers Weekly

Choi creates an up-to-date and realistic contemporary romance by upending the love story trope. Miscues and miscommunications, which often propel romantic plots forward, are replaced by open and constant screen-to-screen communication (Gr 9-up). —Eva Thaler-Sroussi, Needham Free Public Library, MA
School Library Journal

Readers will swoon…. Choi has a knack for creating relatable characters, and this quirky, socially awkward love story will keep your cheeks rosy with every page.… [T]he perfect book for those who root for the underdog and believe broken people can heal together.
Romance Times

It is sadly ironic that the [negative] feedback from Penny's creative writing professor …applies equally to this novel. Witty asides and up-to-the-minute slang cannot compensate for an absence of emotional depth or well-crafted prose (Ages 14-18).
Kirkus Reviews

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