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Readers will stay up too late working to understand what really happened and how a future can be built atop such an unsteady foundations. I read this in one sitting. Perfect for a summer read or book club discussion.  READ MORE
Abby Fabiaschi, author - LitLovers

The questions raised by The Good Liar accumulate with every plot twist. What is the hierarchy of victimhood? Are you a bad person if you feel a touch of schadenfreude on hearing that someone you’ve known and disliked has died? Can we shield our children from the harsh realities of the world, and from our own flaws, without cheating them? What is the line, for a documentary filmmaker, between recording and exploiting? The Good Liar goes to those difficult places and many more.
Montreal Gazette

A riveting thriller
Entertainment Weekly

(Starred review.) [T]hought-provoking.… Who the good liar may be, and what that phrase might actually mean, are questions that will resonate long after the book is finished. Many will devour this book in one sitting.
Publishers Weekly

[Catherine McKenzie] builds suspense in steady, page-turning steps all while drawing the reader into the lives of her characters.… Each woman has secrets and each is a bit of an unreliable narrator of her own life to nice effect.
Library Journal

Give this to fans of seemingly benign characters with dark inner lives like those in Liane Moriarty’s Big Little Lies.

Perhaps liar should instead be plural—the lies are abundant, making it a satisfying page-turner that leads us toward a twisty surprise ending.

Secrets and lies swirl on these pages, intermingling with guilt and doubt. For readers who love experiencing one event from multiple perspectives, this is a gripping novel to pick up this spring (A Spring 2018 Must-Read Book),

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