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A lovely rumination on the choices we make, with characters we’ve loved for years.
Romance Times

Love and mystery surround a darker thread about the safety of women in this complex and moving tale… The author doesn’t sugarcoat the violence that the women have suffered,… [t]his novel is both lovely and powerful.
Publishers Weekly

De los Santos here revisits the next generation of her beloved characters, moving the family saga forward with this engrossing story of unshakable love, personal ethics, and a commitment to life's larger truths. —Bette-Lee Fox
Library Journal

De los Santos brings her signature style, wit, and charm while weaving in beloved characters from her previous novels.…This tender, genuine, and joyful novel is one to savor.

The novel moves back and forth between Clare's current romantic quandary and Edith's difficult life in the '50…. De los Santos writes with disarming fluidity even when her plot takes far-fetched turns, but her heroine's inexhaustible perfection grows cloying.
Kirkus Reviews

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