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[Lawhon's] effortless, eloquent prose transports the reader via a dramatic, suspenseful and satisfying work of historical fiction.… Lawhon brilliantly employs an inventive and non-linear dual narrative to tell the tale of how Anastasia would become Anna Anderson, or, perhaps, how Anna became Anastasia.… In the end, what Lawhon does so convincingly is shake up our notion of identity. And not just that of Anastasia and Anna. Are we who we say we are, or who others believe us to be? It's a question that lingers long after the final page.
USA Today

Lawhon’s spectacular, emotionally rich third historical thoroughly imagines the events leading up to the execution of Russia’s royal family in 1918.… This sprawling, immersive tale… [brings] ts characters to sparkling life.
Publishers Weekly

(Starred review.) De los Santos brings her signature style, wit, and charm while weaving in beloved characters from her previous novels.…This tender, genuine, and joyful novel is one to

Anna [Anderson's]… trials and tribulations are hardto follow…. So the Anastasia story ends up being the more compelling of the two, hurtling…to its grisly ending. Then comes an interesting Author's Note…. Somewhat overcomplicated but ultimately satisfying.
Kirkus Reviews

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