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Captures the angst and anxiety of modern life with… astute observations about interactions between the haves and have-nots, and the realities of life among the long-married.
USA Today

Quindlen’s provocative novel is a New York City drama of fractured marriages and uncomfortable class distinctions.… [A]n exceptional depiction of complex characters—particularly their weaknesses and uncertainties—and the intricacies of close relationships.
Publishers Weekly

(Starred review) Quindlen’s quietly precise evaluation of intertwined lives evinces a keen understanding of and appreciation for universal human frailties.

A Manhattan comedy of manners with a melancholy undertow.… Quindlen's sendup of entitled Manhattanites is fun but familiar.… There's insight here …and some charm, but the novel is not on a par with Quindlen's best.
Kirkus Reviews

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