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[A] solid read, more entertaining than enlightening. But there is something missing. Gwen’s middle-class background… judgments and perceptions provide an entry point for the reader. But… she is not relatable. Or perhaps it is the… Greek chorus… [whose observations] come so infrequently that they prove superfluous. What Mrs. does best is prove that class is mostly a state of mind, that the power of the rich derives from what we bestow on them, not from some innate birthright. 
USA Today

Macy skewers power parents in this entertaining, sharp-eyed portrayal of privilege and it's price

Inside a seductive microuniverse, the super competitive lives of three very different women intersect at the exclusive preschool their children attend. When one woman's husband, a U.S. attorney, launches an investigation into the financial dealings of another's, shocking secrets threaten to disrupt their lives in this smart skewering of high society.
Marie Claire

Mrs. could be the next Big Little Lies.
Entertainment Weekly

[T]he gossipy lives of well-off parents in New York.… [A] fresh take on the society novel.… The attention to behavioral detail… is piercing and honest. Ultimately, a thesis emerges about the simplicity and selfishness of human nature.
Publishers Weekly

Macy knows just how to nail the status anxieties of the rich; her people are ultraprivileged but insecure.… Reading this sharply observed novel about New York's wealthier denizens is doubtless more enjoyable than it would be to actually join their crowd.
Kirkus Reviews

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