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The Cuban Affair is a good-time read—a heart-pounding adventure story with twists and turns, people who aren't who they say they are, and plans that don't go as they're supposed to go.… Nelson DeMille is a top thriller writer but maybe not at the top of his game here. Every author has a best book (for me it's DeMille's 1990 The Gold Coast), and while this is a terrific page-turner, it's not his best. But if you do read it, I promise you'll have good time. Mac and his first mate, Jack Colby, a Vietnam vet, make a winning duo—and would make terrific stars of a new adventure series. One can hope.  MORE…
P.J. Adler - LitLovers

The Cuban Affair feels authentic and real, and it provides knuckle-white tension mixed in with levity.
Associated Press

The opening of The Cuban Affair is dynamite—crisp, funny and dramatic—and the climactic conclusion is masterful action writing, fast, precise and genuinely gripping.
Long Island Newsday

This book has that incredible wit that Nelson DeMille has, and nobody writes characters like Nelson does.
Tampa Bay Times

Nelson DeMille has outdone himself. I thought that Plum Island was one of my favorite thrillers of all time, but I was wrong—DeMille is always going up a gear and The Cuban Affair is going to be one of the top ten thrillers of the year.
Strand Magazine

DeMille’s known for penning hot thrillers (Plum Island, Night Fall), and this one—his 20th—doesn’t disappoint … DeMille keeps it fast-paced, with fascinating details about contemporary Cuba.

(Starred review.) [An] action-packed, relentlessly paced thriller…. A line from the novel perfectly describes this page-turner: "Sex, money, and adventure. Does it get any better than that?"
Publishers Weekly

(Starred review.) [A] timely stay-up-all-night, nail-biting page-turner featuring his iconic tongue-in-cheek, articulate, rhythmic narrative. His affably irreverent protagonist, fantastic believable supporting characters … make this a must-read for his many fans.
Library Journal

This is powerful, mythic stuff.… As the true nature of the charter-boat owner’s job becomes clear … DeMille mounts a long, magnificent sequence with boat chases, helicopter rescues, and tracer fire … in that visceral style the author has mastered.

Old bones and old grudges in contemporary Havana.… In spots the narrative seems to slog through discursive observations, but they are mostly informative and worthwhile, and then the plot picks up energy again.… A good day's work from an old pro.
Kirkus Reviews

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