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Haig's novel is a treasure a storehouse of wry humor, historical information, and philosophical insights. Haig examines the consolation of music and the necessity of human connection. He ponders the very things that make life meaningful—along with love, one of them turns out to be, of all things, our own gloriously short lifespan. Highly recommended. READ MORE …
P.J. Adler - LitLovers

Haig has phenomenal range: he has turned his versatile talent to everything from children’s literature to young adult vampire novels to the hard-won wisdom of his bestselling memoir of depression, Reasons to Stay Alive.… How to Stop Time is written in a different, more minor key. It is plangent. It has designs on our heartstrings.… [Nonetheless,] the energy and zip of this book are hard to resist.
Hermione Eyre - Guardian

A quirky romcom dusted with philosophical observations…. A delightfully witty…poignant novel.
Washington Post

Haig’s novel offers a wry, intriguing meditation on time and an eternal human challenge: how to relinquish the past and live fully in the present.

[E]nthralling…Haig follows his protagonist through the Renaissance up to “now,” when Tom works as a history teacher in London.… His persistence through the centuries shows us that the quality of time matters more than the quantity lived.
Publishers Weekly

[A] marvel of invention—it is seamlessly presented, telling an absolutely compelling story. It examines large issues…but in an engagingly thought-provoking, compulsively readable way. It is, in every way, a triumph not to be missed. —Michael Cart

Haig skillfully enlivens Tom's history with spare, well-chosen detail, making much of the book transporting. An engaging story framed by a brooding meditation on time and meaning.
Kirkus Reviews

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