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In Thomas Pierce’s warm and inventive debut novel, The Afterlives, reality is slippery, time is out of joint and profound disorientation is a feature of daily existence.… Pierce is brilliant at painting an entire life—encompassing passion, missed opportunities, tragedy—in a few pages. He also isn’t afraid to pose the biggest questions: How do we deal with loss? What are the limits and possibilities of love? What is the nature of time?.… Pierce has worked … magic, connecting us to fictional characters who seem, somehow, 100 percent real.
Daryl Gregory - New York Times Book Review

[T]ouching, thought-provoking.… Part love story and part speculative sci-fi, it’s a meandering, albeit meaningful, look at marriage, technology and ghosts—those of the otherworldly type that may exist but also specters of our past that influence our present.
USA Today

Excellent… The Afterlives is sprinkled with "Black Mirror"-style futuristic touches.… The [novel] is as much a dialogue and an attempt at reconciliation between faith and science as it is a contemplation of the opportunities of second chances.

[A] free-spirited lark that questions how people live with the presence of death.… Pierce’s breezy style only partially saves the overlong novel from a lack of urgency affecting almost all of its numerous story lines. When it gels, the novel manages a rare and significant clarity about the effects of death on the living….
Publishers Weekly

(Starred review) Pierce has a gift for probing the limits of the psychic realm to uncover the benevolence that manifests from metaphysical insight. Truly remarkable.
Library Journal

[Pierce] considers life, death, and what comes after.… Timeless questions. Tedious answers.
Kirkus Reviews

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