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[A] whydunnit that delves deep into the secrets linking the main characters.… Yates's previous book, Black Chalk, had a delicious premise: an escalating game of dare over the years among friends who meet at Oxford.… [Grist Mill Road] is more sophisticated, starting from the fully realized stories the characters are awarded in the service of an elegant narrative…You have to work hard to follow the winding road Yates sends us down, and the drive is full of pleasantly unpleasant surprises.
Sarah Lyall - New York Times

(Starred review.) [A]n edgy, intelligent thriller…. The reader’s sympathies shift as each character brings a different perspective to the events that shaped them. Unexpected twists keep the tension high.
Publishers Weekly

[A] fun-house mirror of a single, horrific incident that defines three lives.… This fast-paced, suspenseful journey through the minds of these characters will fascinate … readers who enjoy twisty, intellectual thrillers and unreliable narration. —Charli Osborne, Oak Park P. L., MI
Library Journal

The intensity of the storytelling is exhilarating and unsettling. — Don Crinklaw

(Starred review.) Yates…drives home the messages that…true, compassionate love is always redemptive.… Mesmerizing and impossible to put down, this novel demands full attention…; in return it offers poignant insight into human fragility and resilience.
Kirkus Reviews

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