Last Mrs. Parrish (Constantine) - Author Bio

Author Bios
Lynne Constantine
Birth—ca. 1961
Where—Baltimore, Maryland, USA
Education—M.A., Johns Hopkins University
Currently—Milford, Connecticut

Valerie Constantine
Birth—ca. 1947
Where—Baltimore, Maryland, USA
Education—B.A., University of Maryland
Currently—Annapolis, Maryland and England

Liv Constantine is the pen-name of two sisters, Lynne and Valerie, who published The Last Mrs. Parrish in 2017. Born into a Greek-American family, the two have collaborated previously — on Circle Dance (2004, Rev., 2012), a novel about two sisters from a Greek American family, who, while embracing their American identity, are determined to hold on to their family's proud Greek traditions. Lynne went on to write short stories, as well as a second novel, The Veritas Deception (2016), a suspense mystery.

Thanks to technology — Skype and email — the sisters are able to live three states away from one another yet still manage to write as one to plot their novels. They attribute the dark storyline found in The Last Mrs. Parish to the hours they spent listening to their Greek grandmother spin her wonderful tales. (Adopted from the authors' joint and individual websites).

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