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Each of the narratives…is engaging and fluid, each with its own charm, though Horowitz’s joyful act of Christie ventriloquism is, in particular, spectacularly impressive.
Washington Post

An ingenious funhouse mirror of a novel sets a vintage "cozy" mystery inside a modern frame.
Wall Street Journal

Horowitz…has devised an ingenious whodunit within a whodunit, a metamystery with Agatha Christie roots.
Oprah Magazine

There’s much to enjoy in Anthony Horowitz’s spry, sardonic Magpie Murders.
Guardian (UK)

An ingenious novel-within-a-novel . . . part crime novel, part pastiche, this magnificent piece of crime fiction plays with the genre while also taking it seriously.
Sunday Times (UK)

Superbly written, with great suspects, a perfect period feel, and a cracking reveal at the end.
Spectator (UK)

Anthony Horowitz has devised a fiendish mystery within a mystery that will have you hooked from page one. We loved this Agatha Christie-esque crime novel.
Good Housekeeping (UK edition)

A stylish, multi-layered thriller—playful, ingenious and wonderfully entertaining.
Sunday Mirror (UK)

A compendium of dark delights.… A brilliant pastiche of the English village mystery and a hugely enjoyable tale of avarice and skullduggery in the world of publishing.
Irish Times

This can only be described as incredibly clever—but what else would you expect from Horowitz?
Glasgow Herald

(Starred review.) [A] tour de force that both honors and pokes fun at the genre.…Horowitz throws in several wicked twists as the narrative builds to a highly satisfying explanation of the prologue.
Publishers Weekly

Agatha Christie fans will line up for this salute to Golden Age whodunits.
Library Journal

(Starred review.) A preternaturally brainy novel within a novel.… Fans who still mourn the passing of Agatha Christie, the model who's evoked here in dozens of telltale details, will welcome this wildly inventive homage/update/commentary as the most fiendishly clever puzzle—make that two puzzles—of the year.
Kirkus Reviews

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