Last Days of Night (Moore) - Author Bio

Author Bio
Birth—October 18, 1981
Where—Chicago, Illinois, USA
Education—B.A., Columbia University
Awards—Academy Award-Best Adapted Screenplay
Currently—lives in Los Angeles, California

Graham Moore is an American screenwriter and author known for his 2010 novel The Sherlockian, as well as his screenplay for the historical film The Imitation Game. (Alan Turing had been Moore's childhood hero since he was 14.)

A second book, The Last Days of Night, was published in 2016. Set in 1888 New York City, the novel focuses on the heated rivalry between Thomas Edison and George Westinghouse during the advent of electricity and is told through the eyes of Westinghouse’s attorney, Paul Cravath. Moore himself wrote the screenplay for the film.

Moore was born in Chicago, Illinois, and raised on the city's north side—"the son of two lawyers who divorced and then married two other lawyers." His mother was formerly the City of Chicago's chief lawyer and First Lady Michelle Obama's chief of staff.

While he was learning to read, Moore developed a love of mystery stories; he later came to believe he'd have a career in music. Nonetheless, he received his B.A. in religious history from Columbia University.

At Columbia, unsure about a writing career, Moore took the advice of a professor to dedicate five years to any profession he pursued, "because it takes that long to get halfway decent at anything." After graduating in 2003, Moore stayed in New York, playing in a number of rock bands, creating a music studio in the basement of a heavy metal art gallery on Rivington Street, working as a sound engineer, and collecting sound equipment.

It was during those years he began to write. For several years, he wrote scripts by day and did studio work by night. He woke up in his New York apartment, dressed in a coat and tie, and sat down to write. "I told myself writing was my job and I was getting dressed for work—which was like telling myself, dress for the job you want."

Eventually, Moore moved to Hollywood, California, where one of his earliest jobs was on the writing staff of the television series 10 Things I Hate About You. In 2010 he published his first book,The Sherlockian, which made it to the New York Times bestseller list for three weeks.

His adapted screenplay for the 2014 film The Imitation Game, based on Andrew Hodges' biography, Alan Turing: The Enigma, earned Moore numerous nominations, including the 2014 Golden Globe Award for Best Screenplay, and ultimately won the Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay at the 87th Academy Awards (held in 2015).

Moore lives in Los Angeles, California. (Adapted from Wikipedia. Retrieved 2/25/2016.)

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