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Because we are kept in a constant guessing game about the ending (I, personally, had three possible conclusions), we go from back and forth from sympathetic to suspicious about each character. It’s a wonderful ride—a fast-paced read that delivers an ending that makes you wish you had been savvy enough to guess. It’s no wonder that Warner Bros. has optioned the rights to the book and is collaborating with Reese Witherspoon in development. You definitely want to read this book before you run to the theater to see it!  READ MORE …
Kathy Aspden, AUTHOR - LitLovers

(Starred review.) The rape of 15-year-old Jenny Kramer in the well-to-do town of Fairview, Conn., propels this exceptional psychological thriller.... While secret after secret...add to the suspense, Forrester’s secrets may be the most stunning of all.
Publishers Weekly

The traumatic memories of a teenager's rape are medically erased, but lingering thoughts of the attack remain.... [A] busy story whose resolution is anything but satisfying... makes it difficult to focus on the true victim...of this ridiculous plot.
Kirkus Reviews

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