Book Club Widowers (De Marco)

Author Bio
Where—Cleveland, Ohio, USA
Education—Florida State University, 1990; Asbury Theological Seminary
Currently—lives in Franklin, Tennessee

John Michael De Marco is an American author of who lives in Nashville, Tennessee. His books focus on modern suburbanites—both their flaws and strengths—as they search for meaning, fulfillment, and passion in a constantly changing world.

His three novels include Book Club Widowers (2016), The Wine Steward's Lover (2012), and Narcissus Blinked (2011).

In addition to to his novels, De Marco has written two works of nonfiction, including The 4 Spheres of Intentional Living (2014) and a memoir, Chased by the Wind: A Youth's Literary Search for God (2013, rev. ed.). He has also written scripts, as well as thousands of articles for newspapers, magazines, websites, and blogs.

De Marco is a certified executive coach. Through his teaching, he offers insights and anecdotes "to help individuals reach more of their physical, intellectual, emotion, and spiritual potential." He is also an ordained minister. (Adapted from the author's website.)

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