Tuscan Rose (Alexandra)

Discussion Questions
1. Rosa forms several surrogate families in the absence of a biological one. Do these groups help her find peace with the mystery of her past?

2. Rosa is faced with many impossible choices under Mussolini and during the war. Would you have chosen as she does?

3. Would you be able to fight—and risk your life—for the greater good as Luciano does? Or would you focus on the survival of those closest to you?

4. Rosa’s musical talent takes a back seat to her struggle—and Italy’s struggle—over the years before and during the war. Can you see her finding a way back to performing?

5. How do you respond to Rosa’s ability to "read" the past of objects? Do you think such an ability would be more blessing or burden?

6. Tuscan Rose is divided into parts that could be said to function in the same way as the movements of a piece of music. How else does music color Belinda Alexandra’s writing?
(Questions from the author's website.)

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