Twain's End (Cullen)

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A tender evocation of a vain, complicated man's twilight years and last chance at love.

Twain’s End remains a book that is a joy to read. Ms. Cullen is the Bronte of our day.
Huffington Post

Cullen has a knack for weaving in small details to create rich fictional portraits of real-life figures.
Atlanta Magazine

A fascinating book about a complicated writer.

(Starred review.) The extraordinary relationship between the popular, complicated author Samuel Clemens, aka Mark Twain, and his longtime secretary Isabel Lyon is wonderfully reimagined in this absorbing novel.... [A] fascinating interpretation of this early 20th-century literary immortal, distinguished by incisive character portrayals and no-holds-barred scrutiny.
Publishers Weekly

Intelligently drawn…Cullen expertly portrays both Samuel Clemens and Mark Twain… fans of historical fiction and biographies will enjoy.
Library Journal

Cullen portrays the author as a Jekyll-and-Hyde character.... Because Cullen succeeds in portraying Clemens as so unsympathetic, Isabel's devotion becomes a problem for the novel. She comes across as star-struck.... A more nuanced character would have strengthened this sad story of futile, desperate love.
Kirkus Reviews

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