Fireflies at Twilight (Adams)

Fireflies at Twilight: Letters from Pat Adams
Pat Adams, (Cate Adams, Carole Milks Turner, eds.) 2014
First Person Productions
163 pp.
ISBN-13: 9780984727650

Fireflies at Twilight: Letters from Pat Adams tells a story through family and friends' letters and emails.

Pat lived the last 15 years of her life with cancer and its repercussions. However, she was more annoyed and irritated than ever stopped or labeled by the disease. The entries instead highlight her daily life on a farm in southern Wisconsin, her appreciation of the natural world, and her courage and vivacity to live fully each day.

Pat’s writing include her quiet thoughts during winter hibernation in a drafty farmhouse, a raw intimate love letter to her husband before her first surgery; her frank yet kind advice to her daughters about employment and empowerment; a description of a winter outing to a nearby bison farm; summer observances in her travel journal of turtles and loons in Upper Peninsula, Michigan; and her lively commentary about her beloved Book Babes group.

Pat's story is not as much about the art of dying as it is about the art of living in the present, with messages of humor and hope in how the human spirit remains undaunted. One reader says: "Pat's letters are filled with thoughts of life—advice for her children, shared memories with friends and family—and always a reminder that her love for them will never change, that there is no force powerful enough to diminish the bonds they share." (From the publisher.)

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