Presence (Cuddy)

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Also, consider these LitLovers talking points to help start a discussion for Presence:

1. Define the term "presence" as it's used by Amy Cuddy. Do you people in your life who have presence as the book describes it?

2. What does it mean to build your sense of personal power without a sense of arrogance? How does increasing your power help you be your better self?

3. What situations in your own life might you envision using (or having used) the lessons spelled out in Presence? Have you tried her power stance yet?

4. Talk about one of the central premises of this book—how mind and body work together to affect who we are and how we're perceived? What are the ways in which the body affects the mind.

5. Criticism of Cuddy's work has been leveled by other scientists, who haven't yet attained the same results in their experiments as Cuddy and her associates have. (See Amy Cuddy's bio above). Do a bit more research on her critics and discuss your own findings, whether they're legitimate or not.

6. What is the most striking, insightful, or powerful piece of information you came across in reading Amy Cuddy's book?

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