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Book Reviews
Woodroof nails the debut novel: This warm, wise tale leaves a smile long after the final page is turned.
People Magazine

This book is a charmer: quirky, clear-hearted and effervescent.

A delightful tale about what happens when good intentions go well.
Good Housekeeping

Woodroof’s charming debut deals with a bizarre paternity case set against the backdrop of a quirky college town.... Along with dark humor and a confident command of story, strong characters and absurdist twists add to the fun.
Publishers Weekly

(Starred review.) A warm, caring and thoroughly entertaining debut that reads remarkably well.
Library Journal

Woodroof’s light hand and compassion for her characters make the story flow naturally. The question of what makes a family is gently asked and answered throughout. A pleasant read about ordinary people dealing with extraordinary circumstances and the optimism that guides them.
Kirkus Reviews

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