All-Girl Filling Station's Last Reunion (Flagg)

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Structured much like Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe, Flagg's latest novel alternates between the pedestrian life of Sookie Poole, a timid middle-aged southern woman and that of her brash, adventurous ancestry, a quartet of Polish sisters who ran a filling station and flew planes during WWII.... Readers looking for nuance will not find it here, but there are plot twists, adventure, heartbreak, and familial love in spades, making this the kind of story that keeps readers turning pages in a fever.
Publishers Weekly

Alabama sweetheart Sookie Poole has been a loving wife, a caring mother, and, most important, a patient daughter.... [But now] Sookie is inspired to reexamine her own life.... [F]ull of heartwarming charm that is sure to provoke lighthearted laughter. A complex story told simply and honestly, this is an easy read and another treat for Flagg fans. —Shannon Marie Robinson, Denison Univ. Lib., Granville, OH
Library Journal

Flagg highlights a little-known group in U.S. an appealing story about two women who gather their courage, spread their wings and learn, each in her own way, to fly.... This is a charming story written with wit and empathy. The author forms a comfortable bond with readers and offers just the right blend of history and fiction. Flagg flies high, and her fans will enjoy the ride.
Kirkus Reviews

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